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BBCA provides capacity building and strengthening for the large, medium and small enterprises on the development of HIV and AIDS workplace programs and facilities. The BBCA capacity building program offers trainings on Peer Education, HIV and AIDS workplace Policy formulation and Management of HIV and AIDS in the workplace.

A toolkit has been developed that is used to train the companies in skills relevant to the development of HIV/AIDS programs and policies. Training manuals have also been developed for use by the private sector institutions.

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As a body coordinating the private sectors’ response to HIV and AIDS, BBCA is responsible for collecting and distributing widely information on HIV/AIDS and the workplace for the private sector institutions. BBCA use tools like the website, posters, flyers and quarterly newsletter to share information with the private sector.

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BBCA supports the mobilization of companies through its outreach programs. Some key activities implemented in the outreach program is the breakfast meetings where companies come together to discuss various HIV/AIDS related issues affecting the work place, the Annual Red Ribbon competition to reward those who have done well in the HIV/AIDS work place programs.

BBCA creates awareness and knowledge on HIV/AIDS and workplace for the private sector, and this also influence behavior change, and facilitate better understanding to HIV/AIDS issues.


Breakfast meetings

As a way of bringing the private sector together to discuss issues faced by the Private Sector in Botswana, BBCA conducts Leadership Breakfast Meetings across the country. The meetings bring together representatives from the various private and business sector .The forum provides opportunity for the private sector to discuss Workplace HIV and AIDS related issues on HIV and AIDS and the Private Sector. Resulting recommendations from the private sector can be shared at the national forums to ensure that the private sector has access to all the national HIV/AIDS programs and services. At the breakfast meetings other stakeholders involved in the fight against HIVandAIDS are invited to share with the private sector the programs that the government of Botswana is involved in, how they can access the services, and also create a platform for networking and collaboration.

BBCA has come up with topics that will be discussed at the upcoming breakfast meetings. Guest speakers shall be invited depending on the topics to be discussed. At the end of the speeches participants representing the various   private sector shall be invited to comment on the topics. In order to view some of the recommendations and highlights regarding the breakfast visit our website. Companies interested in taking part in the breakfast meetings are invited o contact BBCA offices.

Red Ribbon Awards Competition

Every year BBCA runs the Annual Red Ribbon competition. BBCA comes up with a theme that encourages both the small, medium and large enterprises In Botswana to take part in the competition. The theme in general addresses business excellence in the development and implementation of innovative HIV/AIDS workplace programmesThe purpose of the competition is to identify good practices, rather than promote competitiveness, and in order to motivate companies all entrants gains some form of award. Applications are submitted in English or Setswana. Applicants are evaluated as follows;

  • Compliance with the National Strategic Framework and HIV/AIDS policy, the ILO Code of Practice, and the SADC code of conduct.

  • Innovativeness of the programme and its appropriateness to the workplace


Competing companies are always  placed in one of the following categories:

4th place: Recognition of HIV/AIDS as a business issue

3rd place: Recognition of HIV/AIDS as a business issue and setting in place policies and mechanisms  for implementing the MIP

2nd place: Recognition of HIV/AIDS as a business issue and special recognition for innovation

1st place: Recognition of HIV/AIDS as a business issue and special recognition for the most comprehensive 

HIV/AIDS intervention strategy and business best practice in HIV/AIDS for 2004

The Red Ribbon Awards of Business Excellence gradually pays dividends as the companies taking part in the competition pledges to strengthen their response to HIV/AIDS in the workplace, and companies who did not participate are always willing to take part in the next competition.


BCCA represent the voice of the private sector in the national responce.It is therefore BBCA’s responsibility to participate in the national policy and program development forums like the National AIDS Council, which is chaired by the president of Botswana and the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM), and others. BBCA also represent the private sector at Global Business Coalition on AIDS, and the PAN  African Business Coalition on AIDS.It is the responsibility of BBCA to make sure that the private sector has access to the existing national HIV/AIDS programs.


BBCA has a Monitoring and Evaluation unit that is responsible for monitoring and evaluating to keep track of the organisational activities and achievements, and the assessment of the effectiveness of the private sector programs.

Monitoring and Evaluation of the private sector’s response to HIV and AIDS

The fourth Strategic Objective of the BBCA is to facilitate monitoring, evaluation and reporting of the enterprises collaborating in the private sector response to HIV and AIDS. A set of specific activities has been developed to ensure achievement of this objective including the following ones:

  • Development and operationalisation of  a common monitoring and evaluation framework aligned to BHRIMS
  • Development and dissemination of  appropriate monitoring tools
  • Documentation and dissemination of best practices based on the private sector experiences
  • Resource tracking earmarked for HIV and AIDS interventions in the private sector.
  • On-going monitoring of the private sector response to HIV and AIDS
  • Development of a membership database
  • Mid-term evaluation of the strategic plan implementation

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting of BBCA’s strategy and programs

As mentioned above,  M&E is one of BBCA strategies mentioned in the current Strategic plan and therefore, BBCA in collaboration with other stakeholders  conducts monitoring and evaluation as an ongoing activity during the period of the implementation of the strategic plan  actvities. Participatory methodologies arealso applied to ensure meaningful involvement of all stakeholders.

BBCA will conduct two evaluations on the strategic plan implementation. A mid-term evaluation will be conducted after the first two and half years of implementation i.e. 2010. The evaluation may necessitate a re-adjustment or re-orientation of the strategic plan. The second evaluation will be conducted at the end of the Strategic Plan Term after five year period in 2012.

With regard to reporting, all participating or collaborating enterprises will be expected to report on their progress in the implementation of planned activities. This will include specific information and data around set targets and performance indicators. BBCA in consultation with private sector institutions will develop standard tools for reporting. On the other hand, BBCA will compile both narrative and financial reports on the progress being made at the network level. Some of the information will be based on reports from stakeholders and information generated by the secretariat itself. Reports will be presented to the quarterly Board meetings and eventually to the Annual General Meeting.  The final reports will be public documents.