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One of the pillars for the vision 2016 in Botswana is that by the year 2016, the spread of the HIV virus that causes AIDS will have been stopped, so that there will be no new infections by the virus in that year, people will have access to good quality treatment in the health facilities, community, or the workplace so that they can continue to live full and productive lives for as long as possible.

The workplace is one of the most effective settings for responding to the epidemic

  • Communications systems are already in place for disseminating information.
  • Existing structures and facilities can be used for prevention, care and support services.
  • The workplace allows itself to reaching millions of people, who might otherwise be out of reach.
  • Workplace programmes also allow the proper follow of beneficiaries.
  • Workplaces are communities where people come together and discuss, debate, and learn from one another.

As a member you will have the following benefits:

  • Access and priority to all our trainings (E.G. Peer education, counseling, HIV and AIDS policy formulation, HIV and AIDS program management in the workplace)
  • Access, through our newsletter, to information on HIV and AIDS in the workplace, best’s practices, news from our partner, stories and experiences from the Business sector
  • Tailored technical support on HIV and AIDS policy and program development in the workplace
  • Advocacy and lobbying from BBCA representing the Business sector for the inclusion and accessibility of the private sector in the national HIV and AIDS programs.
  • Support to access existing government HIV and AIDS services.
  • A CD including our HIV and AIDS in the workplace toolkit.
  • Networking activities for business engaged in HIV and AIDS programs.



Any business and individual regardless of scale, sector or regional footprint, wishing to be involved in addressing the HIV and AIDS pandemic and interested in providing a creative, enabling, and healthy environment for the workplace can become a member.

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Lets lead the way in combating HIV and AIDS epidemic in the workplace! You or your Business wants to become a member? Simply fill the form and drop it at our office with the membership fees.

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In order to ensure a healthy workforce and in turn optimal proactiveness your company should implement the following:

  • Undertake intensive promotion campaign and link staff to Voluntary Counseling and Testing services by establishing institutional partnerships with VCT services.
  • Ensure condom availability and accessibility in the workplace and intensively promote their use.
  • Ensure staff awareness of all relevant programs
  • Develop and implement targeted behavior change information communication with all staff to support relevant national programs especially VCT.
  • Collect and disseminate routine information on abseentism,morbidity and mortality and submit appropriate report to company management and NACA.
  • Provide access to counseling services for all staff.
  • Ensure appropriate workplace policies are in place and enforced.
  • Establish a budget line for HIV/AIDS.

The BBCA can help your Business go through this rewarding process.Join us today and lead the way in combating HIV and AIDS epidemic in the workplace!