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Another Wellness day Upcoming

BBCA will hold another Comprehensive Wellness Day event for companies and community in Francistown on the 09th March 2013, at Galo Shopping Centre Hall. The objectives of this Wellness Day are;

  • To raise awareness on key drivers of the HIV/AIDS in the workplace such as; Multiple Concurrent sexual partners (MCP); Safe Male Circumcision (SMC), and Correct and Consistent Condom Use.
  • To empower employees with current and future wellness trends to help manage their health and wellbeing.
  • To encourage males of the workplaces and the community to go for Safe Male Circumcision..
  • To encourage employees and community members to know their HIV status.

Health screening services to include HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Body Mass Index (BMI), Eye Testing etc

HIV and AIDS Peer Education Training (Free)

  • March 14th – 18th: Francistown
  • April 11th – 15th: Gaborone
  • May 16th – 20th: Maun
  • June 6th – 10th: Gaborone

HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy Formulation training (Free)

  • April 6th – 7th: Gaborone
  • April 19th – 20th: Maun
  • May 11th – 12th: Gaborone

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For more information please contact us and visit the program section of our website.


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