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Has your company registered for 2014 Membership?

One of the characteristics of successful business is their willingness to protect the welfare of their employees to ensure a healthy and protected workforce resulting in greater profit share and competitive advantage.


As the Botswana Business Coalition on AIDS we are bringing the solution to your door. Together, we can help you develop and run an HIV/AIDS program that will provide a positive return on investment. With your collaboration, we can strengthen the Botswana private sector’s role in managing and combating HIV and AIDS epidemic.


If you haven’t joined now, you still have a chance. Please contact BBCA offices or drop us an email we will take it from there.


BBCA offers In House Trainings on Peer Education and Counselling, HIV/AIDS Policy Formulation for Managers etc


Did you know that BBCA offers In House Trainings for Companies? Yes, we do! Companies are encouraged to contact our offices to request for the trainings.

  • A minimum of 20 participants is required
  • A minimal donation is essential to cover our basic training

BBCA Trains Workplace Peer Educators


The Botswana Business Coalition on AIDS (BBCA) organised a five (5) days training workshop on Peer Education and HIV/AIDS in the workplace in Francistown on the 3rd-7th February, and Palapye on 10th-14th March 2014. The objectives of this training workshop were;

  • To  help participants build a broad understanding of peer education as a strategy for Behaviour change for  the general promotion of health and wellness in the workplace
  • To assist participants develop practical peer education skills to deal with HIV related stigma and discrimination in the workplace.
  • Enhance participants’ knowledge of HIV and other health related issues and how they relate to the world of world

Another High Level Private Sector Partnership Forum for Businesses in Francistown and Palapye


The Botswana Business Coalition on AIDS (BBCA) organised high level HIV/AIDS Partnership Forum for Businesses and companies in Francistown on 11th February 2014 and 04th March 2014 in Palapye.The objectives of these forums were;
  • To update companies on preliminary results of Botswana AIDS Impact Survey IV(BIAS)
  • To engage companies to debate on and exchange information and experiences on HIV/AIDS workplace practices
  • To share and raise awareness of companies on national strategies and policies on HIV/AIDS in Botswana
  • To raise awareness of current HIV/AIDS situations in Botswana
  • To share with companies mandates of other key role players in Private Sector involvement  e.g. BOCCIM,Labor Sector, Gender department etc
  • To create a platform to facilitate partnership and networking of private sector with key stakeholders in the national response

BBCA Brings Together Commnities and Businesses For Health and Wellness Day Event


BBCA held another Comprehensive Wellness Day event for companies and community in Francistown on the 09th March 2014, at Galo Shopping Centre Hall, and another one on 1st March 2014 in Palapye.

The objectives of this Wellness days were;

  • To promote individual wellness and educate the employees of the business community and their immediate families on total health and wellness.
  • To raise awareness on key drivers of the HIV/AIDS in the workplace such as; Multiple Concurrent sexual partners (MCP); Safe Male Circumcision (SMC), and Correct and Consistent Condom Use.
  • To empower employees with current and future wellness trends to help manage their health and wellbeing.
  • To encourage males of the workplaces and the community to go for Safe Male Circumcision.
  • To encourage employees and community members to know their HIV status.

Health screening services included HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Body Mass Index (BMI), Eye Testing etc
BBCA held this wellness day in conjunction with District AIDS Coordinators in Francistown and Palapye. Local NGOs, Businesses and the community attended the event.Mr.Mompati of Tati River Clinic graced the Francistown event. He said so far emerging diseases that affect the community is HIV/AIDS, TB, Diabetes, and Blood Pressure etc.He encouraged participants to live healthily and utilize health facilities to access health services.


Members Convene for 2013 BBCA Annual General Meeting


After failing to hold Annual General Meeting over years due to shortage of resources, BBCA held its 2013 AGM that covers a series of other years on the 07th March 2014.At the meeting the Board Chair Mr.Kabelo Ebineng shared BBCA Management Report which outline constraints faced by the Coalition its future plans. Audited Financial Statements covering year 2009-2012.The Election of Board Members which was another item during the AGM could not take place as members did not send nominees for election, and the current board was co-opted to finalise other businesses of the coalition. Duncan Little Field was appointed as external Auditors for 2013/2014.


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