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Has your company registered for 2012 Membership?
The business sector depends on its employees to make profit, and ensure that the company yield good long term results. Failure to protect ones human capital can present a significant business risk. One of the characteristics of successful business is their willingness to protect the welfare of their employees to ensure a healthy and protected workforce resulting in greater profit share and competitive advantage.


As the Botswana Business Coalition on AIDS we are bringing the solution to your door. Together, we can help you develop and run an HIV/AIDS program that will provide a positive return on investment. With your collaboration, we can strengthen the Botswana private sector’s role in managing and combating HIV and AIDS epidemic.


If you haven’t joined now, you still have a chance. Please contact BBCA offices or drop us an email we will take it from there.


BBCA held a two days HIV/AIDS Prevention Project Consultative Meeting

On the 8th and 9th of March 2012, Botswana Business Coalition on AIDS (BBCA), BOCCIM, BOCAIP, held HIV/AIDS Prevention consultative meetings with NGOs and Private Sector, at Cresta Marang Gardens, City of Francistown.


The primary goal of the meetings was to consult and introduce to the stakeholders and partners a newly proposed HIV/AIDS prevention model targeting private sector workplaces around the City Of Francistown. The proposed model emphasises on strengthened workplace policies and programmes, and easily accessible comprehensive quality HIV/AIDS prevention services, through a mandate driven partnership between BBCA and Partners, Businesses and NGOs/CBOs.


The major goal of the project is to address key drivers of the epidemic in the workplace which includes; Multiple Concurrent sexual partners (MCP), Adolescent and intergenerational sex, Alcohol & high risk sex, Stigma & discrimination, Gender based violence and sexual violence and many others.


The model will be piloted in Francistown & Ghanzi for a period of 12 months (February 2012 – February 2013) with the potential being replicated to other districts guided by the pilot results and project performance.


Project approaches will include: Training of Managers on policy and programme development, Peer Education Programmes, workplace and community based dialogue sessions, joint social sporting games/tournaments, joint wellness days, HIV Counselling & Testing, Outreach services to companies by NGOs/CBOs.


More companies are invited to participate in this pilot project. Make your input and contribution in the National Response to HIV/AIDS known and appreciated by calling BOCCIM and BBCA offices to register for taking part in the project or BOCCIM offices in Francistown.


BBCA offers In House Trainings on Peer Education and Counselling, HIV/AIDS Policy Formulation for Managers etc

Did you know that BBCA offers In House Trainings for Companies? Yes, we do! Companies are encouraged to contact our offices to request for the trainings.

  • A minimum of 20 participants is required
  • A minimal donation is essential to cover our basic training fees



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